How to teach children to be rich quicker than parents?

Today’s article How to teach children to be rich quicker than parents. A name similar to a book, a page owner and a TV show But you have to be stunned when you meet Mr Gray’s elder bear because he is a young man.

1- Have good thoughts and imagination
First of all, these kids must have an idea first. Think of it first, then follow with imagination. This is definitely life insurance. Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. But does not mean that I do not know, then will imagine miserably so Therefore, the imagination must start from the correct idea as well.

2- Searching for knowledge, discipline, pursuing morality
John Elder Gray wrote and thought that the motto of Children’s Day But really, it is a person who knows to learn by himself. Self Learner is not a fuss. Fuss, whatever, please. Gray saw it and wanted to slap Mae Ma’s frown. Go to do a new darn. These children must learn by themselves as Know about research Have internet, have hands, have brain. Don’t act like lame people who can’t do anything. Ask your parents to help. As for parents must learn to teach their children Not children is god Next, the children of God will become useless ashes.

3- Confident and confident in the right things
Confidence is not pushing to do the right thing. Not just a pleasing thing. Just read and understand. No need to translate much.

All three If our baby or baby doesn’t have one then that’s fine. We must help each other create. By acting as a good example for children Not acting laziness, embezzlement, imagination, but stupid things And hoped that our children would be smart I think this is a mistake.

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