6 steps exercise for get body slim

Exercise is of course not just going indefinitely with no goals. Many people have fitness goals and objectives. No matter what The stars said that it was very good. It motivates us to get up and do something that changed us. There was a time when the star wanted to get a six pack. Then crunch every day to create a six pack Understand that the more you do, the better. Six pack will get up quickly. But later learned that doing too many crunches doesn’t help to have Six Pack. But will have unexpected consequences later Anyone who likes to make Crunch must read quickly. Known to be better than cure.

To lie down on the floor, face to the ground, feet close to the side of the body and fold the elbow up with the lower arms to support the floor. With the elbows and shoulders in line Raise the body parallel to the floor. After that, keep the head to the feet straight. The bottom is not too prominent or too low. You can do both.


2-Mountain climbers
Begin by applying plains. Both arms are not bent. The body is parallel to the floor and bent between the knees.

Mountain climbers

3-Leg lifts
Lying down on the floor, feet close Fold the arms to the side of the body Then use the force from the abdomen to lift the leg off the floor for about 15 cm, hold for 1-3 and then slowly lay down, counted as 1 time.

Leg lifts

4-Side plank dips
Place the elbow straight to the shoulder. Then lift the hips up until the floor is lifted. Do a side plank and slowly lower the hips until touching the floor. Then return to the starting position.

Side plank dips

5-Flutter kicks
Lie flat on the ground Put your arms beside the torso. Or will put your arms under the butt, depending on your skill Then raise both legs slightly above the floor. Tighten your stomach as you exert your energy to lift your legs up and down alternately.

Flutter kicks

6-Russian twists
Sit with your knees slightly feet apart. Leaning back Then bend the elbow Rotate the upper torso to the left and right alternately slowly. With both feet still touching the floor If wanting to be harder, lift your legs off the floor while doing.

Russian twists

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